Australian 5-day BOM weather forecast for Rainmeter

5-Day BOM Meter

If you're an Australian user of Rainmeter you'll know that most weather meters are pretty useless, usually running off the inaccurate Yahoo Weather service.

Rainmeter user haicim (in his post here) has made a meter using an Australian BOM feed. I've taken the liberty of tweaking it and fixing a few bugs.

It works with the Gnometer skin, which you should have by default. If you dont you'll need to download an install that first. Once installed, download the 5 Day BOM meter below and edit the PAGEURL variable (line 17) for your state/city. Place the file in the gnometer weather meter directory (usually My Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/Gnometer/Weather). You can use the Gnometer settings control panel to adjust width, fonts, colours and transparency etc.

Download 5 Day BOM meter for Rainmeter.

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